Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Break on the Farm

Isaac and Aunt Mel jumping from behind trees scaring people on a hike

Aunt Mel's birthday party!!

Cooking with Aunt Mel

Working with Aunt Mel-see how hard the little ones are working!!

The grass down by the pond is TAAALLLLL!!!! Way fun!!

Aunt Mel and Nora dead heading Geraniums. She is SUCH a BIG helper. We weed together, pick berries (straw, rasp, and huckle) plus cherries!

Calling Cowboy David

Playing on the Tramp

Aunt Mel and Scrunchy

We're a bit obsessed with PIGS at our house!!

Baby Sage giving Aunt Mel her very first Piggy Nose-she's learning the important things in life!!

Nora looking at the neighbor's pig

Looking for PIGGIES in a Richard Scarry book

The Big Pig (Stephen) designing a 4th of July t-shirt with Isaac (notice it has a PIG on it!!)

Nathan and Aunt Mel building a sand castle at city beach-fun!