Wednesday, December 7, 2011

There is No Room for Mediocrity in the Boren Family

I grew up hearing this quote. In fact, for a while Mom had a cross-stick that Grandma Boren did with this quote hanging in her vanity. It wasn’t until I became an adult that I really came to appreciate what this meant. It means that no matter what task is set before us we should put in our 100% best effort. Mom and Dad raised me to do this in such a way that I didn’t even realize it. Of course there are times when I curse my work ethic; sometimes I don’t WANT to do something, I’m too tired, it’s not top of my list, or it’s just something that interest me. I especially curse them when I’m tired (which happens a lot). But when all is said and done, I’m sooooo grateful for Mom and Dad teaching me this. I’m so grateful that all I put my hands to is well done. I can honestly say there is “no room for mediocrity” in my life.

Why is this on my mind? We’re working on choreography in my Drama II class right now and unfortunately, I keep seeing a vast deal of mediocrity. It happens with a number of my students in other classes as well. I finally had a chat with my Drama II class last week. Not only about giving their best effort in my class but in everything they do in their lives. If they go away from my class with nothing else I will have succeeded. They may curse me in their futures but there is NO ROOM FOR MEDIOCRITY IN LIFE!