Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Birthday

My Birthday was Yesterday-
Here is What I Did:

1. Zumba

2. Breakfast (cold cereal with COLD milk-yum!)

3.Worked on Musical Theater Camp

4. Worked in the Flower Beds with Two Gorgeous Girls!


5. Ate lunch-boring

6. Went on a walk at Dover Trail (it was WAY too hot so we only did the cool boardwalk section, turned around and went back to the lake so the kids could swim-in their clothes!)

7. Had my birthday party. It was a SUNSHINE PARTY
What time is it Mr. Sun
Wet T-shirt relay
Fill a bucket with water from cups relay
Aunt Mare started a water fight!

8. Ate Homemade pizza and ice cream-yum

9. Read until bed

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Pirates of Penzance

Okay, for all you Jr High students who have been checking my blog-I've decided on The Pirates of Penzance for our musical this coming year. I'm excited; it's one of my all time favorites! I'm hoping to find a live pianist again (if any of you know any one...).
Still working on the Fall straight play...have a GREAT idea that I think you'll love but am trying to work out the logistics.  I'll let you know when I know!!! 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Joseph Photos

Here are a few photos of Michael and I doing Joseph.