Thursday, January 27, 2011

Seussical Photo Shoot!

We did a photo shoot this morning. The costumes are AMAYZING (I think!). Here is a selection from my camera. I used Thing's camera 1/2 the time but don't have them on my computer yet; I'll post some of those later.

Bird Girls

Mr., Mrs. Mayor, JoJo

Bird Girls gossiping about Horton with the Sour Kangaroos and Giraffes.



Mayzie and Gertrude

Gertrude and Horton


My hippie Giraffes!

Cat in the Hat

Cat in the Hat, Jo Jo, Little Girl (Cat's side kick-kind of!)

Whos (don't you LOVE that hair!)

Mr. and Mrs. Mayor (Holla Hoops are in fashion!)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Seussical Rehearsals

We are currently working on Seussical. I did it my first year of teaching and LOVED it so decided to do it again-this time we doing bigger and better costumes, makeup, and choreography. The best thing about this round is I have 4 assistant directors/choreographers. I get to sit around and observe a lot. So far I've like most of what they've done! My stress level is WAY lower than it was for Peter Pan. Besides that, the cast is doing a FANTASTIC job. It's going to be one fun show!!



Wickersham Brothers

Opening Number-Oh the Thinks you can Think


JoJo "practicing" music


Horton looking for his Who clover