Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nativity Sets

 I went to China last year for Christmas and bought a Nativity there. Last night I made a runner for my piano to help display it. Here's a photo plus one that also shows my nativity from Jerusalem.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Charlotte's Web

               Here are some photos from our shoot yesterday for Charlotte's Web.Some parts are double cast so don't get confused if you see two different kids in the same part! 

Goose and Gander

Old Sheep


Wilbur and Lamb


Lurvy and Homer feeding Wilbur medicine

Fair Spectators checking out Wilbur and Uncle

Fern and Wilbur


Charlotte's Web Dance 

The show has Three Narrators

Monday, September 10, 2012

Charlotte's Web Set

The Set so Far

Raising the Barn. It was a disaster-it broke and had to be totally rebuilt

Getting "smashed" by the barn as we attempted to fix it during the raising!

Bracing the posts

Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Break

Hiking with Frank, Rosie, and Stephen in the mountains by Salt Lake

Hiking with David's Family up the canyon from Vivian Park

 Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum
"This looks like a tasty morsel!!"

Every year Schwitzer has a free chair lift day. 
We rode up and had a picnic and a few hiked down while others rode.

Notice the fashion: cupcake socks, polka dot pants, striped top, leopard spot hat!!

 Listening to Grandpa tell bedtime stories!

Reading is a MUST activity! It's even better when you have a baby with a ba on your lap!


4th of July
Pre-parade Parade!
Flag raising
The "real" parade

Hike to Gold Hill

Very Handsome! 

Blowing Bubbles!

Emily got baptized this summer!

Canoe trip 
I didn't go on it but this is a cool photo. (I like sleeping in my bed too much!)

We hosted a pioneer Day 5K run.
Mom coming in the finish line. It was her first 5K

Playing in the Pack River.

Chocolate Milk is always a part of Summer!

The Farm can be soooo exhausting!

 Am I handsome or what!?!!!

Farm food is sooo tasty! 


 The Aunt Mel Monster strikes again!! Attackkkkk!

The kids LOVE the hot tub!

Jess, Mare, and I did a 3 day Musical Theater camp.  We had 35 kids from the 2 wards sign up!

 We arrived in Sandpoint 22 years ago on August 1st. We ate lunch at Dubs. So, August 1st this year we made a lunch trip to Dubs to celebrate! They have the most tasty fries I've ever had!

 Annual Princess Party!

Grouse Creek! 
The river was REALLY swift so Aunt Mel help the kids across and held them in the current!

Walk to the back forest. 

It was a GREAT summer. Thing and I leave tomorrow to drive back to UT :(   
I'm grateful that Mom and Dad still live in such a beautiful place and that the family comes back every year to create good times and memories!