Thursday, August 19, 2010

End of Summer Fun

Michael, Sherrie, the kids, and I went to Thanksgiving Point for $2.00 Tuesday this week. It was really hot but the gardens are really nice. The topper (especially for Christian) was the 50 cent ice cream cones they sold at the end!!

My brother David graduated from BYU last week with his PHD. I'm really proud of him. As I've watched him go through school the past few years he's really tried to spend time with his kids and wife by getting up really early to do homework. I'm not sure how he juggled it all. I'm also proud of Sherrie for all the times she had to be alone with the kids while David did homework. It's going to be nice for their family to have this degree done!

The skeletons of the Peter Pan sets are pretty much done. It's kind of hard to see detail because most everything is raw wood. Wait 'til we begin painting, wallpapering, etc!!!! The hardest part will be making everything move and change quickly. So cool that Dad and Michael were able to help me; the hard parts of the set are done and school hasn't even begun yet!




THING AT THE HELM (he made the wheel; it looks great!)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Peter Pan Sets

Dad, Michael, and I began building sets this week for Peter Pan. We've gotten a TON done in 3 days. There is still a bunch more to do, though. It's a complex, interchangeable set for 5 different locations (I have to be really creative because I don't have a fly system or much wing space.)

End of Day 1-Nursery

End of Day 2-Nursery

We've also build 3 Neverland trees, a slide, 2 beds (including a ship mast attachment), and a dog/Tinkerbell house.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Under the Sea (Okay, Lake!)

I never realized underwater cameras could be so much fun!

I leave beautiful ID and head to UT tomorrow-sad day.