Saturday, February 12, 2011

As Promised-More Seussical Photos!

Seussical opens on Friday! Yea! The cast is ready to go. We've had a great tech because the cast was so prepared (despite their constant chatter!).

Horton with his inhaler

Jungle rejecting Horton and the Whos

Who women (Pick-a Little, Talk-a-Little!)


Mr and Mrs Mayor lecturing JoJo

The Wickersham Brothers are BEYOND cool!

Maiyzie and Bird Girls

Gertrude and Horton

Who's begging to Horton to protect them

Yertle and Myrtle the Turtles!

Horton with clover

Cat in the Hat

Cat and Little Girl

Come see-it's going to be WAY fun!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For Mare and Paint Opinions

I need to decide what colors to paint the tree for Seussical. I need a color for the canopy/leaves, trunk, bucket, ladder, base. Here it is and a picture of the entire set. Colors used so far in the set:
light purple
dark purple
light blue
dark blue

Mare-here's the dress I was talking about.