Saturday, February 13, 2010

Joseph!!! Opens in 5 More Days!

We painted the STAGE today and did other odds and ends. It was very helpful having my cast show up and help-and so many of them too; for Midsummer I only had one kids show up!!

Cutting and Numbering Tickets

More Rehearsal Photos!! (some taken by a very nice mom with a very nice camera!)

Narrator and Potiphar's Wife

Me talking to the cast

End of Go, Go, Go Joseph

Go, Go, Go Joseph

Go, Go, Go Joseph

Go, Go, Go Joseph

One More Angel

Brother's ripping Joseph's Coat


Poor Poor Joseph

Brother's Angry Dance

Joseph was sick one day so my assistant director became him. No clue what he's doing!

One More Angel. We have a teacher playing Jacob-way fun!


Stone the Crows-Joseph being attacked

I ran our Baker through some vigorous faces one day, this is the result!

Joseph in jail

Our Jail-it's 10' tall. I had though of cutting it down to 8' but...too much work. A guy in Logan made it for me based off of one he made for a theater up there!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Joseph Rehearsals

Rehearsals and going FANTASTIC. These kids are great! We've been able to really start working some character stuff this week.

A Pharaoh Story

One More Angel


Song of the King


We finally got our jail!!!

Finale: Coat...or Brothers?


Yesterday I took my Drama II class and they became my Tech Class. I don't have one this semester and it's been KILLING me. 4:30 wake up call most mornings and full Saturdays for the past month is beginning to wear me down. So, it was really nice to have their help. We got the backdrop hung, jail made, and lots of other little things. Yipeee!!! This is the aftermath of our mess. My student teacher (shown) and I had to throw the stage back together before the FLEX movie.