Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer is Ending

As mentioned in my last blog, my sisters and I put on a musical theater camp for some of the kids in the wards here. We ended up with 20 participants. It was really fun! Here's some rehearsal photos.

After my niece Emily saw my Joseph play in February she's been planning her own show. So, as part of her birthday party we did a "Joseph and the Colored Coat" show (her title!) The kids were really cute! Aunt Mel brought a few key costume pieces from school!

Snow Creek Falls

My Birthday Luau

Dover Trail

Saturday, July 10, 2010

More Summer Fun

Mare, Jess, and I are doing a small Musical Theater class for the youth in the 2 wards. I was choreographing a short section from Singing in the Rain and the kids decided to help!

Mare, Ryan, Dad, and I hiked a mountain one morning. It has a great view of the town and lake. I must be getting old because I felt tired the rest of the day (it's 3 1/2 miles up; not totally steep but definitely not flat!)

The goggle brigade!

Sarah helping Aunt Mel water the flowers. Some of the beds are especially fine this year.

Every 4th of July we make shirts for the day's activities. This year's were pretty cool. Unfortunately, when we went to the parade it was FREEZING so they were all covered with sweatshirts. Sandpoint did the 4th on the 3rd this year.

I've finished my Peter Pan script. Now Jess and I just have to sit down and edit it. I've been designing costumes for it and Seussical like crazy. I've also begun the Peter Pan set design. If it all plays out on stage like I see it in my mind it's going to be a pretty cool/crazy/hard set...we'll see!!